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Face and Body products

Face and Body

Faena Spa Beauty

Expert facials, moisturizing body wraps and revitalizing scrubs nourish the skin leaving it refreshed and radiant.

Le Soin Vip 02 by Biologique Recherche

The specific oxygenating complex of Biologique Recherche stimulates the tissues, increasing the concentration of oxygen on the surface of the skin. A ritual of oxygenation that revitalizes and moisturizes the skin giving it a uniform and bright tone.



Firming Facial Massage

Firming facial massage which combines ancient techniques that revitalize and oxygenate the tissues in-depth, stimulate the muscles, and improve blood circulation and the drainage of toxins, leaving your skin radiant, firm, and healthy.

Taylor-Made Face Ritual

Decongestive and hydrating facial treatment, which combines gentle techniques that will revitalize and protect your skin, from stress and the environment. A journey to the senses that will give light and texture to your face.

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