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wooden bowl with wood smoking and small bottle

Unique Healing Arts

Faena Spa Healing

Our Unique Healing Arts body rituals offer an immersive introduction to shaman-inspired therapies, Pranic Healing, and massage arts. Each Healing Art treatment is performed with our own organic hand-blended range of Sacred Oils, healing stones, and poultices. Traditional curative practices are combined with indigenous ingredients ethically sourced from South America. Every treatment is an opportunity to improve your health and transform your life through the therapeutic power of touch, sound, color, taste, and scent.

Pranic Healing, Palo Santo & Sound Bowls

Pranic Healing is a system of energy medicine used to harmonize, balance, and transform the body’s energy processes to restore physical, mental, and emotional health performed by certified practitioners.

This three-part energetic purification ritual begins with a thorough cleansing and balancing of the chakras. The body is further purified with the gentle uplifting aroma of Palo Santo smoke, a sacred tree from the east coast of South America known for its mystical healing properties.

To finish the treatment, sound bowls are used to quiet the mind through vibrational sound harmonics that synchronize brainwave frequencies.

60 MIN USD 160

Sacred Connection Ritual

Two therapists connect to and harmonize the body’s energy flow to alleviate physical and mental tension. Using our sacred oils, with ingredients sourced from South America, four hands work in harmony to perform a full-body massage that relieves tight muscles and releases energetic blocks. A relaxing face massage is then performed with an application of an organic moisturizer.

Our singing bowls enhance the treatment’s therapeutic effects through specific rhythmic vibrations that relieve stress and improve clarity, vitality, and intuition.

60 MIN USD 330
90 MIN USD 450

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