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Day Spa Packages

Tierra Santa Healing House - Casa Faena Packages

Choose from one of our healing Day Spa Packages and enjoy tailored itineraries offering a range of treatments and amenities like nourishing 50-minute massages, private yoga sessions, hyper-customized face and body treatments with Naturopathica and Biologique Recherche products and Rossano Ferretti salon experience.

Exclusively available Monday - Thursday and valid for Florida Residents. 

Massage Establishment License Number MM34503

Crown Chakra - Day Spa Package

Awaken your connection with your Higher Self through an energizing Crown Chakra Day Spa Package. Your intimate journey includes a yoga session, Wellness consultation, Wet Spa experience, 90 minute muscle-melting Masaje de Coco massage, two-part Rossano Ferretti Salon experience, and exclusive Faena branded amenity from Tierra Santa’s eclectic boutique.

6 hours approx. 

Price: $640

Boutique Product: Faena Branded Product 

Frown Chakra - Day Spa Package

Refocus your Third Eye and channel your intuition with our Frown Chakra Day Spa Package. Enjoy a tranquil yoga practice in Tierra Santa’s Zen Room, a Wet Spa and Hammam experience, 90-minute Biologique facial treatment, and a transformative Pranic Healing session performed through the Twin Hearts meditation to bring about immense inner-peace and consciousness. Guests will also leave with an exclusive amenity from the Tierra Santa Boutique.

6 hours approx. 

Price: $690 

Boutique Product: Faena Branded Product.

Throat Chakra - Day Spa Package

The Vishudda – or Throat Chakra – centers on our ability to communicate and embrace self-truth and self-expression. Explore this deep connection with your loved one and enjoy the ultimate Tierra Santa spa experience with the Throat Chakra Day Package.

Held in our idyllic Spa,  this indulgent escape invites guests to relax and unwind in their own exclusive quarters while enjoying a day of bespoke Tierra Santa treatments and amenities, including an intimate yoga practice and meditation session, Wet Spa journey, 90-minute Sacred Warrior Massage and Pranic Healing session designed to enhance receptivity and enlightenment. Package also includes an exclusive amenity from Tierra Santa.

5 hours approx. 

Price: $840 (for two) 

Boutique Product: Faena Branded Product

Heart Chakra – Anahata Lovers - Day Spa Package

Dedicate a day to love. Designed for romantic partners, Tierra Santa’s exclusive Heart Chakra Day Package invites couples to indulge in the ultimate spa experience in our idyllic Spa Suite for two, where they can share unique, intimate moments in their own private space.

Then, discover the purifying powers of our Wet Spa area, soak into a luxurious bathing ritual and rid the body of impurities before expert therapists unlock the energies of your bodies with a synchronized 90-minute couples massage using virgin coconut oil revered at the "oil of life" in South America for its curative and regenerating properties. Additional relaxation time is reserved at the end of your experience. Package includes an exclusive product from Tierra Santa Healing House.

4 to 5 hours approx. 

Price: $940 (for two) 

Boutique Product: Faena Branded Product 


Solar Plexus Chakra - Day Spa Package

Reaffirm your sense of self through an energizing Solar Plexus Chakra Day Spa Package designed to enhance our third chakra focused on confidence, self-worth and the spirit of perseverance.

The day begins with an intimate yoga session in Tierra Santa’s Relaxation Room. Enjoy a day of bespoke Tierra Santa treatments and exclusive amenities, including a soothing Wet Spa journey, 90-minute Deep Tissue Massage, Pranic Healing session and wellness consultation. As a parting gift, guests will receive a bespoke Tierra Santa Boutique product.

6 to 7 hours approx. 

Price: $770

Boutique Product: Faena Branded Product 

Sacral Chakra - Day Spa Package

 The Sacral Chakra is the energy center of our creative expression and the enjoyment of life. 

Start your day with a yoga practice to awaken the consciousness of your whole body and then refresh in the ocean while you enjoy the amazing service of our Faena Beach. Continue in our Hammam with a hydrotherapy circuit to purify and tone up your skin preparing it for the benefits of the treatments to come. Rest in our relaxation room: cozy sofas that cocoon the body, soft lighting, healing music, bespoke herbal teas and a selection of nuts and dried fruits while your therapists are preparing to pick you up for your Sacred Connection Ritual - a four hand massage that ends with an express BR facial performed by one of our top estheticians.  

Finish with a hair wash, scalp massage and blow-dry session in our Rossano Ferretti Salon to enhance the individual beauty of your face. 

5 to 6 hour approx. 

Price: $920

Boutique Product: Faena Branded Product 

Basic Chakra - Day Spa Package

Detach from obligation and focus on a day of self-elevation and mindfulness with Tierra Santa’s exclusive Basic Chakra Package. Your journey begins with an intimate yoga practice in our Zen Room then lose yourself in the welcoming space adorned with plush sofas that cocoon the body as light music, soft lighting and herbal teas lure you into deeper relaxation.

Then, enjoy an 90-minute Hammam Rose Ritual and 90-minute Biologique Recherche facial treatment to increase elasticity of the tissues, leaving skin toned and firm. A  blow-dry at our Beauty Salon followed by the option to purchase a lunch break menu option prepared by our world-renowned chefs.

6 to 7 hours approx. 

Price: $1,010 

Boutique Product: Faena Branded Product

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