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The Art of Omakase

Dine, Miami

Dining at El Secreto, Faena Miami Beach’s speakeasy omakase bar, comes with a few new surprises.


Omakase dining has its roots in traditional Japanese culture and cuisine. Originally, the term ‘omakase’ referred to entrusting the chef to choose the best ingredients and create a customized dining experience. Over time, omakase has evolved into a refined culinary tradition, cherished for its artistry, precision, and emphasis on seasonal, high-quality ingredients that take diners on an immersive gastronomic journey.

At El Secreto, nearly all of the menu’s fish is flown in fresh from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market several times weekly, while the Mere Point Oysters and bluefin tuna are sourced domestically from Inland Lobster and Truefin Seafood. While Chef Erik Melendez and Sous Chef Carlos Islava move confidently behind the six-seat brass bar preparing fresh slabs of Ora King Salmon, Goldeneye Snapper, and Japanese Butterfish, hostess Jane Kim serves guests a complimentary tipple of vodka, yuzeyuzu, English breakfast tea, agave, and orange peels to open the palate.

Next, diners embark on a culinary odyssey of 17 flavor-packed bites that are as creative as they are photo-worthy. Dishes are paired with rare bottles of Japanese sake including Kikiusui Kuramitsu Junmai and Noguchi Noahiko 01 Junmai. Chef Melendez’s personality shines as he explains his inspiration behind the dishes as well as enlightening elucidations about where the myriad ingredients are from and how they’re harvested and prepared.

New this season, guests will receive a copy of their seasonal omakase menu and a gift to commemorate their experience. Another treat: Diners get direct access to the Living Room to enjoy the lounge’s live entertainment from Miami’s most talented musicians.