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francis mallmann portrait

Francis Mallmann

With Mallmann at its helm, Los Fuegos offers an authentic South American dining experience, complete with an outdoor fire kitchen, rooted in the traditional asado (outdoor barbecues).

The fire kitchen has been custom designed by the renowned chef to fuse his many fire-cooking techniques into one extraordinary kitchen, and it is the first of its kind in an urban environment. Mallmann has designed a large, custom-built wood oven, the “piano,” a grand-scale grill of bespoke design that is being crafted in Texas, planchas and hooks from which to hang fish and meat from, as well as a section dedicated solely to cooking in ashes. Additionally, Mallmann has designed special cooking utensils exclusively for the Faena fire kitchen made from materials ranging from copper, wood and iron to porcelain, marble and stainless steel.

Mallmann is South America’s most renowned chef. Growing up in Patagonia on a cliff overlooking Lago Moreno, fire played a large role in Mallmann’s childhood and the memories of that time define him and his cooking techniques today. Having trained in the greatest French kitchens before returning to South America, where he realized his love for open-fire cooking, Mallmann is an undisputed leader in his field.

He currently has four additional restaurants, two in Mendoza, one in Buenos Aires, and a fourth in the village of Garzon, Uruguay. A true testament to Faena’s mission to create an inspired, imaginative, reality, Los Fuegos by Chef Francis Mallmann brings a unique and remarkable dining experience to Miami Beach.

francis mallmann portrait
Faena Hotel Miami Beach

Los Fuegos by Francis Mallmann

A contemporary asado experience with an open-fire kitchen, local ingredients and a gaucho’s touch to transform traditional rustic recipes into sophisticated, savory dishes.