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Ascension Allura Cabaret

ASCENSION - Allura Cabaret

Faena Theater Experiential, Music & Dance, Nightlife, Performance


An atmospheric adventure awaits! 
Follow us on an intoxicating journey into the multiverse, with Faena Theater’s new electrifying contemporary cabaret ASCENSION - Allura Cabaret!  

Futurism, fashion, seduction, and high-performance technology all converge into an ethereal and exhilarating voyage through the infinite paths of space and time existing all at once and coming to life right on the Faena Theater stage. 

Faena LIVE’s original production—ALLURA features entrancing music, astonishing light technology, and breathtaking burlesque and dance choreography, all brought to you with an exciting Latin flare and classic 80’s musical twist!


Rocky Lanes

New York City sensation, Rocky Lanes, is ready to lead audiences through our new avant-garde revue as our main tantalizing and soulful seductress and emcee. 


Faena Live and Quixotic unveil ASCENSION - ALLURA CABARET’S new ensemble who take audiences on an immersive ride through parallel universes where world-renowned choreographers, singers, dancers, musicians, and digital artists meld their mastery and mystique into one powerful visionary force. 

Expect a mesmeric combination of holographic constructions of transfigural architecture, interactive data structures of motion capture and body mapping that invites audiences to see past the fabric of what they know and look deeper into the divine matrices intrinsically encoded within the heartbeat of all creation.

Reservations & More Information:

Thursday 9:00pm
Friday 8:00pm (1st Showing)
10:30pm (2nd Showing)
Saturday 8:00pm (1st Showing)
10:30pm (2nd Showing)

** Show times subject to change due to special showings or occasions. 

  • Tickets start at $100. Click HERE to book now
  • For more information, call +1 786 655 5742
  • Check-in time starts 45 minutes prior to show time 
  • Doors close promptly at show time. No late admittance
  • Guests 18+ welcome. Valid ID required upon arrival
  • For group bookings (8+ guests), please contact [email protected]   

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