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Ekho Duo at Faena Theater

Faena Theater Music & Dance, Nightlife, Performance

Sunday, February 25 | 8:00 pm  

Faena Theater is thrilled to introduce Ekho Duo, for a one-night dynamic musical partnership set to captivate audiences through a fusion of classical mastery and contemporary flair. Composed of Shane Borth, a virtuoso violinist, and Ben Muñoz, a skilled cellist, Ekho Duo, or EKHO, masterfully merge genres by seamlessly fusing rock, pop, classical, and world styles into a tapestry of recognizable songs, ensuring that their audiences are immersed in a captivating musical journey.  

Their collaboration is a testament to the power of artistic synergy and the ability to push the boundaries of tradition, resulting in an unforgettable musical experience. Joining Ekho Duo is singer-songwriter Bita, whose style fuses jazz, blues, soul, funk, Latin, and Flamenco, providing an innate touch of creativity and spontaneity to the music she plays. 

Join us at Faena Theater as Ekho Duo and special guest, Bita take you on a sonic adventure, where classical meets rock, and tradition embraces modernity. Experience the magic of their unique sound that defies conventions and celebrates the harmonious blend of diverse musical styles!  


Borth and Muñoz first crossed paths in 2006 while teaching at the prestigious Ottawa Suzuki Strings' Sound Encounters workshop. They later came together for a one-year residency at the Faena Theater during one of Faena's original live productions, which is where Ekho Duo was born. 

The duo’s shared passion for music beyond the confines of classical traditions sparked a friendship despite living in different cities – Shane in Kansas City, MO, and Ben in Pittsburg, PA. Their occasional collaborations in Kansas City hinted at the creative chemistry to come. 

During their residency, the duo mesmerized audiences with their innovative sound in the Quixotic-produced cabaret show, "Samsara." Borth and Muñoz seized the opportunity to rehearse and cultivate a distinctive sound that harmoniously blends classical expertise with a rock attitude. Ancient instruments came alive as they crafted a musical experience that is both energetic and elegant, with a modern twist. 


  • Tickets start at $45. Click HERE to book now
  • For more information, call +1 786 655 5742
  • Check-in time starts 45 minutes prior to show time 
  • Doors close promptly at show time. No late admittance
  • Guests 18+ welcome. Valid ID required upon arrival
  • For group bookings (8+ guests), please contact [email protected]   

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