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Faena Forum Meditation

Kundalini Community Night

Tierra Santa Healing House Experiential, Music & Dance, Wellness

Wednesday, July 10 | 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm | Faena Forum

On July 10, Tierra Santa Healing House is thrilled to host an evening dedicated to Kundalini yoga. Experience a magical evening and immerse yourself in a night of embracing the summer season featuring exhilarating dance, sound healing, elixirs, and more, in honor of the Cancer zodiac month.

Kundalini is often referred to as kundalini shakti, which means divine, limitless power. It is believed to be a form of divine feminine energy, or Shakti, associated with the formless aspect of the Goddess. Some say that kundalini is the essence of consciousness that dwells within each person and is the portal to higher states of awareness. Often depicted as a coiled serpent, this energy can be awakened through practices such as meditation, breath control (pranayama), and yoga postures. The process of awakening Kundalini involves this energy rising through the body's seven main chakras (energy centers) from the spine's base to the crown of the head, potentially leading to heightened spiritual awareness, enlightenment, and profound personal transformation.

About the Instructor
Giselle Fiumara, a conscious Kundalini yoga instructor with 440 hours of training in India and the US, will be sharing the wisdom of Kundalini with heartfelt consciousness. Giselle, certified by the legendary yogi Gurmukh, is an international Kundalini teacher and a certified coach in breaking habits and addictive behaviors. Her mission is to share Kundalini teachings, build a community of like-minded individuals, and create a sacred space for profound and transformational life experiences.

Reservations & More Information

  • Free and Open to the Public.
  • For more information email, [email protected] or call + 786 655 5570 

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