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shamanic family constellations

Shamanic Family Constellations

Tierra Santa Healing House Experiential, Wellness

TUESDAY, APRIL 9 | 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

Developed by renowned psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, the concept of family constellations examines individuals’ suffering, anxiety, emotional stress, and unhappiness, and the ways in which such negative emotions relate to the experiences and destructive behavioral patterns of family members before them, going back as far as three generations or more. 

Certified leader Eric Lopez, a shamanic practitioner and student of Bert Hellinger, guides this therapeutic group workshop to convert emotional trauma into profound release and enlightenment.

Through this introspective study and a range of group exercises derived from shamanic rituals, participants are enabled to break their destructive family patterns and process unresolved conflicts, challenges, and distress that affect their lives in real-time. 

Following this intimate and transformative journey, guests experience a profound sense of relief and can move forward with greater understanding, acceptance, and a stronger sense of fulfillment. 


Thursday, April 9  at 6:00 pm 


Tickets are $65 per person  

Tierra Santa Healing House 

Led by Eric Lopez




Reservations & More Information

  • Priced at $65 per person. 
  • Pre-registration required.  
  • For more information email, [email protected] or call + 786 655 5570 

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