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Allura Cabaret
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A New Era of Cabaret

Live, Miami

Join us on an intoxicating journey into the multiverse with Faena Theater’s acclaimed contemporary cabaret Allura!


“This show moves people because good music always hits the soul,” said Rocky Lanes, the star of Allura, Faena Theater’s high-octane cabaret, which has been extended through the winter season due to popular demand.

“Allura is different from any show we’ve ever done,” says Shane Borth, the music director of Quixotic, the performance art collective behind the show.

“It focuses heavily on music, technology, and every style of dance you can imagine. It’s still very much a cabaret but very sexy, very modern, and very shiny. There’s a lot of disco, funk, and ‘80s vibes.”

Lanes, who came from New York City’s The Box, showcases her powerhouse vocals alongside Cuban guitarist Alberto Torres, performing a catalog of reimagined hits from Elvis and Abba to Grimes and Janelle Monae. “We do a lot of improvising on stage, which keeps the show fresh and entertaining,” she said.

This isn’t the kind of performance that you sit and passively receive. “The show has a high-energy party vibe,” said choreographer Milena Straczynski, who spellbinds the audience with an aerial number atop a bellhop cart and perhaps the sexiest striptease you will ever see.

“We really want to create an atmosphere that makes people jump out of their seats and dance with us by the end of the show.”