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Hammam Rose Ritual
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A Season For Self-Care

Miami, Wellness

Devote your summer to personal pampering with Tierra Santa Healing House’s signature Spa Month offerings.



 Allow expert practitioners to soothe spirit, mind and body with a unique Sacred Warrior treatment ($199). The 60-minute therapy uses ancient healing traditions including Pranic Healing, aromatherapy, sound bowls, and massage to harmonize, balance and revitalize one’s physical, mental and emotional health. “The treatment is designed to remove stagnant energy and bring the chakras into powerful alignment,” says Spa Director Agustina Caminos. Nourish sun-kissed skin with a Hyper-Customized Facial ($139). “To maintain a healthy glow during the summer season, it’s important to keep the skin hydrated,” says Caminos.

Facials help to protect and recover from sun exposure."

The treatment, ideal for women, men and teens, begins with a deep cleanse using steam and essential oils. Warm aromatic towels and lymphatic drainage prepare the skin for a balancing mask that reduces congestion and stimulates collagen. Expert estheticians then apply a moisturizing face cream and targeted serums with a gentle massage. Elevate your vinyasa practice by combining one of Tierra Santa’s daily yoga classes with a visit to the Wet Spa ($109). The marble hammam features plant-based muds, scrubs and essential oils that are activated in the herbal steam room, wet scrub and sauna, while the Ice Parlor cools the body and improves circulation. Sea salt and chlorine can dry out luscious locks. Visit Rossano Ferretti salon for an intensely moisturizing hair mask featuring richly concentrated natural ingredients, followed by a stylish blowout ($109). “Tierra Santa offers head-to-toe wellness,” says Caminos. “We leave nothing out.”

Featured Treatment 

A Rebalancing Ritual

Tap into immediate relaxation and bolster your immune system with a restorative Hammam Rose Ritual. Melt into Tierra Santa’s heated rose quartz-infused marble bed as healing hands cleanse your skin with palo santo soap and gently exfoliate the body with a lemongrass and mimosa scrub. A restorative mask of volcanic clay and calendula followed by bergamot body cream nourishes and re-mineralizes the epidermis while jasmine-scented steam purifies the spirit, mind and body. The ritual concludes with a calming full-body massage using precious oils from the spa’s Sacred Collection.