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El Secreto
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A Six-Seat Secret

Dine, Miami

Miami is becoming an epicenter for standout omakase experiences known for high-quality ingredients, creativity, and a stylish ambiance. Leading the pack is Faena’s El Secreto, a six-seat speakeasy with a Japanese menu that changes seasonally.


“At El Secreto, we do things a little differently,” said chef Erik Melendez, who engages with guests as he prepares 16 elaborate dishes at the sleek onyx bar.

“We skew more towards a kaiseki dining experience with small tapa-style seasonal plates featuring fruits and vegetables paired with fish.” One course you might catch on the summer menu is dashi, or fish broth.

“A lot of restaurants will serve miso soup, while at El Secreto, my riff on dashi features jamón ibérico, small cubes of foie gras, and black truffles. It’s an umami bomb,” he said.

Guests are often surprised to find fresh catch they’ve never heard of on the menu, which is flown in straight from Japan. “We source uzuki (Japanese sea bass), aji (horse mackerel), octopus, and of course, Japanese uni, or sea urchin,” explained Melendez. “Several of our dishes feature very complex recipes with cooked fish—we don’t just focus on nigiri.”

El Secreto Nigiri