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Faena Forum Meditation
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A Space for Spiritual Evolution

Miami, Wellness

Tierra Santa Healing House’s dynamic calendar of wellness offerings has expanded to include three-day Pranic Healing workshops, a high-energy spiritual summit at Faena Forum, and new immersive spiritual retreats at Faena Miami Beach.


“We added an additional day to our Pranic Healing workshops to give attendees more time to enjoy the beauty of nature and the hotel’s restorative wellness facilities,” said Spa Director Agustina Caminos. Pranic Healing is a comprehensive and research-backed system of natural healing techniques that harness the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Prana is a Sanskrit word that refers to the life-force or bio-energy that breathes life into the body and can be consciously guided to accelerate healing and maximize optimum health. During the next summer workshop on August 19-21, Caminos, a certified-Pranic Healing instructor, will teach practitioners how to scan the subtle energy body for abnormalities and cleanse any blockages obstructing the body’s energy channels. Once the cleansing process is complete, participants learn how to replenish the body with fresh prana, which results in significant health benefits from increased energy levels and improved immune function to better concentration and a greater sense of inner peace. “It’s a simple, yet very powerful practice,” noted Caminos.

From September 9-11, wellness coaches Jackson Strong and Jeff Parker will co-host AUREA, a community event at Faena Forum that will bring wellness leaders and spiritual seekers together to foster conscious spiritual growth.

“It is time for people to wake up to their truth, their power, and their optimism,” said Jackson.

There will be high-energy activations, speaker presentations from pioneers in purpose-driven entrepreneurship and activism, informative panels on awakening consciousness, and breakout workshops to help integrate the lessons. “Miami is at the forefront of the wellness revolution and Faena Forum is the perfect location for attendees to learn from respected teachers and experience uplifting spiritual activations,” commented Caminos.

“We will provide dynamic meditations, sound healings, masculine and feminine sacred experience, and guided ecstatic dance that will cultivate a collective sense of courage, conviction, and clarity. Now is the time to create the world we desire.”

Freedom, life, openness, and wellness are the principles behind Tierra Santa’s first-ever F.L.O.W Spiritual Retreat. Taking place on October 28-30 at Tierra Santa Healing House including a three-night stay at Faena Mami Beach, the retreat blends various healing modalities that support spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical evolution. Days are filled with yoga classes, oceanside meditations, massages, and delicious vegetarian cuisine, while afternoon and evenings are dedicated to Pranic Healing workshops and sound healings in the marble hammam. “We want practitioners to disconnect, relax and integrate the teachings in a way that enhances the quality of their everyday lives.”


The Sacred Path

Drawing from ancestral practices, the Sacred Warrior therapy combines Pranic Healing, cleansing rituals, and massage to achieve a higher level of consciousness and unification.“This treatment is a great starter for the holiday season because Pranic Healing cleanses the auras and chakras and also helps cut energy cords to people and situations that deplete your energy,” said Agustina Caminos, spa director of Tierra Santa Healing House. The multifaceted treatment also combines the use of Palo Santo, a sacred wood sourced from South America known for its healing properties, and the vibrational hum of Tibetan singing bowls to synchronize internal frequencies. Next, a nourishing massage using virgin coconut oil (valued for its regenerative properties as the ‘Oil of Life’) complements healing energy work.

“Guests should experience a powerful release of stagnant energy and a sense of ease as their chakras are brought into powerful alignment.” 

Article from Faena Journal Issue #49