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Tierra Santa Healing House Retreat
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A Winter Retreat

Miami, Wellness

The winter season at Tierra Santa Healing House is a time for retreating inward, for replenishment, and for reflection.


From weekend-long spiritual retreats and meditating with a Buddhist monk to nourishing Biologique Recherche facials and a new Amazon Rainforest-inspired body ritual, the spa offers profound ways to engage in self-care and healing. Freedom, life, openness, and wellness are the principles behind Tierra Santa’s first-ever F.L.O.W Spiritual Retreat taking place on October 28-30 at Tierra Santa Healing House, which includes a three-night stay at Faena Hotel Miami Beach. “The purpose is to release yourself from all external obligations and learn techniques that will help you live a balanced life in control of your emotions and your thoughts, and gain physical and mental strength,” said Agustina Caminos, Faena’s spa director.

The retreat, also returning January 6-8 blends various healing modalities that support spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical evolution. Days are filled with yoga classes, oceanside meditations, mantra chanting, massages, and delicious vegetarian cuisine, while afternoons and evenings are dedicated to Pranic Healing workshops and sound healings in the marble hammam.

“All of these practices teach participants how to cultivate and maintain clean and strong energy."

On November 19th, the spa will welcome Sri Lankan Buddhist monk Bhante Sujatha who will lead a meditation workshop focused on loving-kindness. His approach to meditation is deep and simple, sharing core Buddhist teachings in a way that is practical and easy to understand so participants can further awaken to the blessings of the present moment and welcome insights into one’s life purpose.

Award-winning eco-beneficial beauty line Costa Brazil has become a new staple at the Tierra Santa Spa. We believe that the spirit of beauty is inseparable from the health of the earth,” said founder Francisco Costa, who served as the women’s creative director of the Calvin Klein Collection for more than a decade. Costa works with environmental nonprofit Conservation International to partner with indigenous communities across various regions in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest to sustainably source the purest ingredients.

“I am constantly going to the Amazon to find potent essentials that are new, different and powerful.”

Costa Brazil’s oils, serums, body wash, fragrances, and home goods are infused with nutrient-packed ingredients like cacay, kaya, and breu branco resin. Inspired by the brand’s skin-smoothing and luminizing products, Tierra Santa launched a Jungle Love Ritual that heals through all five senses with musky breu aromas, an exfoliating elixir of green coffee oil and murumuru seeds, followed by a soak with bath salts and a relaxing body massage with Kaya Jungle firming oil. “I love breu because it stimulates the crown chakra,” said Caminos. “When this chakra is aligned it helps to maintain alignment in the rest of the chakras.”  

Advanced Beauty & Facials

Tierra Santa’s menu of Biologique Recherche advanced bioelectric facial treatments combine the power of three currents (galvanic, medium and high frequency) for the remodeling of facial contours, intense hydration and combating the premature signs of skin aging. “Taking care of the skin is vital in winter,” explained Caminos. “Microsimulation treatments allow potent ingredients with high-percentage principal actives to penetrate deeper into the epidermis and activate collagen production.” The treatments are also paired with LED light therapy, a clinically validated technique to increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, decrease inflammation and improve acne-prone skin.