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Another Year of Culture

Arts, Miami

Faena Art announced its public programming for Miami Art Week 2023, presenting four major installations by artists Sebastian Errazuriz, Beeple, and Kelly Breez; collectively titled ‘Spaces of Influence: Shaping Community in the Modern World.’


This year’s exhibition unites four provocative installations across the Faena District that explore the tension between community and individuality, technology and tradition, power, and grassroots.

From the AI-generated pathways of Sebastian Errazuriz’s Maze to the nostalgic corners of Kelly Breez’s Dirt’s Dive or Beeple’s S.2122, culminating in the epic struggle depicted in Battle of the Corporate Nations, this collective showcase invites viewers to navigate and question the evolving landscapes that define our sense of community in a rapidly changing world. Liene Bosquê’s Before Miami Design Preservation League, a site-specific installation representing the skyline of demolished buildings in Miami Beach before the ‘80s, will also be exhibited as part of No Vacancy, a program of The City of Miami Beach, The Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority, and The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau.


Faena Art presents a monumental immersive public artwork created by multidisciplinary artist Sebastian Errazuriz. The sand-covered labyrinth has been designed intentionally for those not to get lost but to find themselves. Conceived as a space to spark conversations regarding society’s upcoming technological and environmental challenges, the installation coincides with the launch of Errazuriz’s new book of the same name, which is a series of questions and answers designed to raise awareness of the opportunities and threats we face with the rise of artificial intelligence. “I ultimately believe artificial intelligence is the most significant transformative development in human history—more important than the printing press, the industrial revolution, and the internet,” he explained. “As such, it’s up to us to decide how it will affect the fate of humanity.”

At the center of the maze, visitors find a wide-open space, like a small plaza, where they can gather, contemplate, and engage in meaningful conversations. There will also be a QR code to download a free copy of his book. In addition, the artist will host a series of panel talks on AI and its transformative role for the creative industries at the hotel during Miami Art Week. “Throughout the decades, it has been writers, filmmakers, visual artists, etc., that have been capable of imagining future scenarios and challenges in a way that can move the needle in terms of the public opinion,” he said.

“I believe creators today have a responsibility to participate in the discussion surrounding technology.”