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EVERAFTER A New Late-Night Soirée

Lifestyle, Live, Miami

New York siren Rocky Lanes is launching EVERAFTER, that will unfold once a month at Faena Theater. As the master of ceremonies, Lanes will entertain the crowd with her showstopping vocals within an immersive club experience featuring red-hot performances.




A performance-driven dance party extravaganza! Expect performances unfolding throughout the theater, to the backdrop of vibrant music that never stops. If a performer is dancing onstage, you can be a part of that—an authentically immersive experience. I will spend most of the evening in the crowd singing and dancing right alongside guests. This is our party, where there are no rules—just an invitation for everyone to revel in freedom.


What cast of characters did you put together?

We have an amazing roster of talent! Featuring international showgirl Lola Von RoX, who is the co-creative director at The Box in New York City and Events Producer for social scene expert, Susanne

Bartsch. There’s nightlife icon and Playboy centerfold Haley Grace, along with Nina Lux, who lights up the stage in sparkling lingerie. We have a couple from Las Vegas, Mr. and Mrs. G, who were recently

featured on Conan O’Brien’s late-night show, and will perform crossbow stunts. Flambeau will be doing his famous fire act, not to be outshined by Elena Lee, Miami’s fan-favorite burlesque dancer, who is sure to keep the crowd entertained.


What about the music?

I’ll be singing two sets with incredible dancers to throwback favorites like Stevie Nicks’ ‘Edge of 17’ and ‘Gypsy Woman’ from Crystal Waters. The DJ will play a mix of dance music: feel-good house music, 80s, rock, disco, classic oldies, and pop hits.


What sets EVERAFTER apart in the Miami nightlife scene?

We want people to feel like they’re in the right place to be in Miami. This city is known for its vibrant yet intense party scene, people often find themselves too self-conscious to fully embrace the dance floor. The goal is to create an environment where authenticity reigns, free from judgment. With almost a decade of experience in nightlife, I can confidently say that Miami has never witnessed a show quite like this before. When you fuse nightlife and theater it’s an explosion experience, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.