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Faena Beach
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Faena by Tony Kelly

Lifestyle, Miami


Fine art photographer Tony Kelly, known for his highly polished, playfully subversive images, has his lens fixed on his latest muse, Faena Hotel Miami Beach, to shoot his fourth photobook.

At first blush, Kelly was immediately struck by the poetry of Alan Faena’s living work of art.

“When I walked into the hotel for the very first time all my senses were stimulated—from the grand cathedral entrance to the smell to the breeze in the courtyard to the live music playing in the Living Room.

It was like an endless massage of the senses and the soul,” muses Kelly.
Every step of the way feels like a journey unfolding, shares the Dublin-born, Los Angeles-based artist, and the journey is propelled by the winds of live music that carry you from the beach to the garden to the bar.” This place is run by an artist and you can feel it.” 
Once on property, Kelly rarely finds himself with an excuseto leave. “It has the highest level of service,” he says, “and everything works in perfect harmony.” 

The collaborative book is a natural extension of Faena and Kelly’s shared aesthetic.

“My color paletteis here, my musical taste is here; it all feels very organic,” explains the photographer. “Alan pays attention to every detail. That is what I respect. That is what inspires me.”