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Find Your Ōm

Lifestyle, Miami, Wellness

The start of a new year offers each of us time to refresh, reflect and realign with our purpose.


Article originally published in Faena Journal Issue #47 • Spring 2022

To support the yoking of mind, body spirit, Tierra Santa Healing House has curated an inspiring calendar of wellness offerings, which includes a new partnership with Modern ŌM, Pranic Healing workshops, and full moon meditations.

Start each week in the right headspace with a new Mondays of Knowledge series, organized in collaboration with Modern ŌM, Miami’s leading mindfulness community helmed by founder Myk Likhov. Members have access to in-person workshops, wellness-driven events and daily online meditations led by a cache of expert facilitators worldwide. “We want to demonstrate what a conscious spiritual community of the present looks and acts like,” says Likhov. On the first Monday of each month, composer and musician Murray Hidary hosts transformative MindTravel music experiences on Faena Hotel’s Mammoth Lawn. Under an open sky and embraced by tropical flora, Murray transports guests on a meditative journey as they listen to his live improvisational piano concert through wireless headphones. “Music is ephemeral. It only exists for a moment and then it’s gone,” said Murray.

“If you’re truly listening, note by note, then you’re in the moment.”

His soothing compositions, inspired by mystical traditions and theoretical physics, are designed to cultivate a state of harmony, clarity, and deeper consciousness. Tierra Santa’s Spa Director Agustina Caminos is hosting intimate sound healing meditations in the spa’s marble hammam the second Monday of every month. “When we chant mantras in the steam room, we awaken sacred energy and absorb the vibrations through our pores, breath and chakras in a way that’s deeply purifying and healing,” she explains.

The third Monday features a movie club night hosted in Faena Hotel’s screening room. “Every month, a notable figure will select a film to watch related to higher conscious, human potential and expansion,” says Likhov. The evenings start with a provocative talk and meditation and after the movie guests have time to get to know one another over delicious refreshments. Once-a-month breathwork sessions hosted by skilled facilitators round out the series, as do themed pop-up Cushion Crawls, which take guests on multiday meditation journeys to exclusive venues throughout the city including Tierra Santa Healing House.  

On March 22 and 23, guests are invited to participate in a two-day Pranic Healing Workshop to gain mastery of their own energy fields in order to accelerate healing, improve interpersonal relationships and maintain a positive state of wellbeing. Based on traditions first explored in Southeast Asia, Pranic Healing guides participants to increase vital energy in the body and sink deeper into their spiritual core. “It’s a lifechanging workshop,” says Caminos. 

In addition to daily yoga classes and complimentary meditation classes on Sundays 
at 3pm, Tierra Santa hosts guided full moon meditations on the hotel’s Mammoth Lawn. “By cleansing our solar plexus chakra and activating the heart and crown chakras,” explains Caminos, “we cultivate lovingkindness and divine love that will guide us smoothly through the year to come.”

"Our Hamman is a must-use for the beginning of your healing journey at Tierra Santa —it will purify, relax, and prepare you to get the most out of our healing rituals and treatments” - Agustina Caminos