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Tierra Santa
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Living with Intention

Miami, Wellness

A new spa menu, multiday retreats and guided meditations at Tierra Santa Healing House are designed to support spirit, mind, and body throughout the holiday season.


“Much of our programming is curated to cultivate living with intention,” said Agustina Caminos, the director of the spa. “This is especially helpful when making New Year’s resolutions, letting go of old patterns and introducing new habits.” Guests can book the Ultimate Healing Ritual performed by Caminos, who specializes in Pranic Healing, deep tissue massage, and therapeutic rituals.

On November 14th at the Faena Theater, Sri Preethaji, co-founder of Ekam, a spiritual retreat center in India, will lead a three-hour workshop on conscious living. Her teachings will focus on mastering the art of becoming a conscious observer in everyday situations. She will also practice Deeksha, a transfer of sacred energy that has been known to catalyze a neurobiological shift into a more relaxed and peaceful state.

From November 17-19, the Ultimate Wellness Retreat will offer a complete reset spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and physically. Top experts will provide strategies for health optimization and longevity, focusing on nutrition, stress reduction, energy work, movement practices, and neurofeedback.

Guests can also take advantage of powerful meditations led by renowned teachers. Buddhist monk Bhante Sujatha travels around the world teaching loving-kindness meditation and believes his purpose is not only to teach meditation but to teach people how to be happy. During Art Week, Swami Chidananda will lead a powerful and transformative om-chanting session in the spa’s marble hammam.

Sage Healing & Detox

Tierra Santa Healing House launched a host of new spa treatments incorporating sage—an aromatic plant traditionally used to lift one’s spirits and dissolve negative energies. “We’ve created a sage detox and healing ritual that is the perfect way to finish the year and start anew,” said spa director Agustina Caminos.

“Many ancient cultures have been known to use sage when asking the spirits for protection, blessings, and prosperity.”

An herb packed with antioxidants and antibacterial properties, sage plays an important role in the new cleansing treatment, which includes dry brushing, a sage and mint exfoliation to remove physical and energetic toxins, followed by a purifying magnesium body wrap and scalp massage. A range of organic ingredients are used to clean, protect, and nourish the skin. Once the mask is removed with heated aromatic towels, a balm of sage, aloe vera, and shea butter is applied to the skin, acting as a powerful destressing agent with an uplifting effect.