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Love Is Always in the Air

Miami, Stay

Faena is a meditation on love in all its forms. Every detail in every space is infused with passion, care, and a deep appreciation for timeless beauty.


As Alan Faena writes in his latest book ‘Architecture of Being’: “Love is the juice of life, the flow of Creation. To find love, we must first have walked life. Love uplifts our Being to higher planes of existence, to the core of Creation. It draws us closer to our fullest realization.”

At Faena, this devotion to love manifests itself in every fold of red velvet, every stroke of paint, the note of every song, the stitch of every fabric, and the warmth of every smile. Love is the axis on which the Faena universe turns, bathing all in its orbit with an intangible essence they can feel. It’s in the art that stirs the heart, the skillful craft of dedicated chefs, the healing hands of spa therapists, the soulful rhythms of live music, and the scintillating performances in the theater.

Faena is a place to celebrate love and the romance of life with those you hold dear, not just on one occasion in February, but every day of the year.