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Faena Bazaar
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New arrivals at Faena Bazaar

Lifestyle, Miami, Retail

Faena District is a temple to impeccable design, and with a fresh season mooring up on the city’s golden shores, Faena Bazaar’s style mavens are keeping Miami denizens on the forefront of global fashion.


This season, shop Curio at Faena Bazaar for simplistic fashions with a touch of luxury at Michael Ward and Manel Garcia Espejo’s clothing label. Michael has spent his career at the helm of fashion brands like Carmelo Pomodoro, Burberry, Anne Klein, Rachel Zoe and Diane von Furstenberg. Manel has spent the last fifteen years of his career as the Executive Vice President of Evening and Celebrity at Calvin Klein Collection. thesalting was launched in 2018 a unisex brand with focus on quiet luxury made in America. A salting is a coastal piece of land that gets flooded with sea water. When the tide recedes, the land is gently coated in salt, making all appear worn, like it had been that way for thousands of years and millions of stories. This universal visual helped define the haunting and sensorial ethos of clothing brand, thesalting.

In keeping with the notion of redefining retail, Curio’s passion for discovery maintains their mission of internationally coveted labels and one-of-a-kind finds.