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Not Your Classic Cabaret

Live, Miami

Known for its cutting-edge cabarets, annual jazz series and outstanding musical performances, Faena Theater hosts top talent from around the world to offer Miami’s finest live entertainment.


“In keeping with Alan Faena’s commitment to creating extraordinary experiences for our guests, we always have something in the works to delight the crowds,” said Brian Forti, Faena’s Executive Producer and Director of Creative Entertainment. In Allura, Faena Theater’s latest show, vocalist Rocky Lanes and guitarist Alberto Torres have a musical chemistry so raw and authentic, it’s utterly irresistible.

“Allura is different from any show we’ve ever done,” says Shane Borth, the Music Director of Quixotic, an innovative performance art collective. “It focuses heavily on music, technology, and every style of dance you can imagine. It’s still very much a cabaret, but very sexy, very modern, and very shiny. There’s a lot of disco, funk, and 80s vibes.”

Alan Faena and Quixotic began collaborating on interactive cirque cabarets more than five years ago with the launch of Sensatia, a tale of two uninspired artists – a mechanical ballerina and an overworked violinist – who follow a tempting muse into the backstage of a fantasy cabaret where their passion for art is reignited. Samsara followed—fusing technology, contemporary dance, cirque nouveau, and live music to explore life’s eternal cycles of creation and transformation. The risqué revue, Tryst, combined teasing burlesque, aerial acrobatics, and spellbinding music to tell an intoxicating story of love and seduction.

Faena Theater’s upcoming show debuting this Fall also promises a choreographed dreamscape that seamlessly blends diverse art forms to defy conventional boundaries with audacity and grace.

“Everything we create is a fully-immersive, multisensory journey,” said Quixotic’s Founder and Creative Director Anthony Magliano.