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Revive Your Skin


Looking to refresh your summer skin? Tierra Santa Healing House specializes in Biologique Recherche facials and full-body scrubs that will leave you glowing from head to toe.


All of Faena’s facials utilize cryotherapy as opposed to heat and steam extraction. Cryotherapy, also known as “freeze-therapy,” is a non-invasive method that rapidly cools the skin, helping to flush toxins, oxygenate cells, and encourage collagen production. Based on each guest’s needs, Faena’s aestheticians create customized blends of exfoliants, serums, boosters, masks, and lotions to cleanse and recondition the skin.

The Triple Lift Advanced Facial treatment is designed to redefine and plump facial volumes with the use of an exclusive Remodeling Face machine, while the Soin Micro-Stimulation facial delivers a combination of regenerative peptides, poly-vitamins, and essential amino acids to effectively induce epidermal reparation. New to the menu this fall is the Into the Jungle Love Ritual for individuals and couples.

The ritual begins with the playing of Tibetan singing bowls and the burning of breu, a natural resin from the Amazon Forest. “I love breu because it stimulates the crown chakra,” said Spa Director Agustina Caminos. “When this chakra is brought into alignment, it helps to maintain the rest of the chakras aligned.” Then, an exfoliating elixir of green coffee oil and murumuru seeds are applied to the body before soaking in a healing bath of salts containing cannabidiol, magnesium, vetiver, and other ingredients that soften the skin and ease muscle tension.

A soothing body massage with firming oil focuses on relaxation and lymphatic drainage. The ritual culminates with a hydrating facial and a warm tea with chocolate. To rebuild luscious locks, head to Rossano Ferretti salon for an intense moisturizing hair mask and a stylish blow dry.


This August, guests can luxuriate for a full hour in harmonic bliss. “At Tierra Santa, we prioritize the unity of spirit, mind, and body,” said Spa Director Agustina Caminos. This treatment uses Pranic Healing to eliminate negative energetic links and cleanse one’s aura and energy bodies.

“The spa therapist visualizes the energy of the whole body being unblocked and flowing freely.”

Special attention is given to the solar plexus chakra to help ease difficult emotions and restore inner peace. A nourishing massage with virgin coconut oil—venerated throughout South America for its regenerative properties as the “Oil of Life,” promotes further healing and regeneration.