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Living Room Performers
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Spring Into Rhythm


New bands, fresh faces, and showstopping performances are coming to the Living Room this spring.

“The programming in the Living Room has a lot of variety in terms of music,” said Alejandro Lista, Faena’s live Entertainment Director.

“There’s different moods and different vibes depending on the day. We’ve got something for everyone.”

For Valentine’s Day, Lista conceived distinct musical experiences across Faena’s venues, from a romantic string quartet performing for a handful of intimate tables in the Mammoth Garden to a four-piece band in the candlelight Tree of Life bar. In the Living Room, crooner Louis Amanti kicks off the evening with a big brass band, and musical artist Sameya will bring it home with a soulful performance.

“We’re hoping to bring Sameya on as a regular act because the crowd loves her,” said Lista. “She has such a powerful voice and presence on stage.” Most people recognize the artist from her recurring role as Jane Hayward in the sixth season of Glee and her theater performances, including Lion King, Book of Mormon, and Hamilton. At Faena, Sameya delivers a mix of R&B, funk, pop, and soul with a magnetic attitude that’s made her a star.

Other artists on the talent-packed roster include a monthly show from Brendan O’Hara, who performs on guitar and keyboard and uses vocals with live-looping technology to create his original sound of roots-rock-hip-hop and postmodern soul. “He’s a one-man show, but he’ll move you even more than a full band,” noted Lista.

This spring, the Sir Portela Band will light up Saturday nights with their neo-funk and Latin soul jams. “They are an extremely high-energy band that gets everyone up and dancing,” Lista explained. Elvis fans will want to come early on Saturday nights to catch Louis Amanti perform a repertoire of the King Of Rock ’n‘ Roll’s most beloved hits with jazz and swing overtones, as well as some of the singersongwriter’s original music. “We are constantly innovating to keep it fresh and exciting,” said Lista.