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Avocado Toast at Crema Cafe
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Sweat. Hydrate. Refuel

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Faena Bazaar is more than just an experiential destination for established and emerging designers. It's a lifestyle hub dedicated to optimum wellness.


To tone your beach body by booking a class with Red Bike on Faena Bazaar’s rooftop terrace shaded by cherry-red umbrellas. The high-energy, full-body workouts developed by Miami native Albert Ghitis come with a stellar ocean view of the glittering turquoise sea. Celebrity fitness trainer and Miami DJ Eddy Rosado, also known as Miss Eddy Pink, leads weekday sunset classes and Sunday morning rides that feel more like a Saturday night party. Her signature mixes and upbeat presence have made her a favorite in Miami’s spinning circuit.

After a sweat session or an afternoon under the hot summer sun, head to Taja Drip on the fourth floor to rehydrate with intravenous vitamin therapy. Professional athletes tout its benefits from increasing stamina to faster recovery. “IV infusion therapy delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into your system and nourishes the body from a cellular level,” explains the Taja Drip team. A wide range of drip treatments help slow the aging process, boost the immune system, regulate sleep and decrease inflammation. There are also targeted treatments on the menu for jet lag, hangovers, cognitive function and potent formulas to stimulate the libido. “Delivering essential elements intravenously rather than orally means 100% absorption and increased benefits.”

If you’re looking to sate your appetite, grab a table at Crema Café’s open-air courtyard and treat yourself to a delicious açai bowl or a filling green smoothie. For savory brunch fare, try the Open Face Breakfast Sandwich, smoked salmon salad or the ahi tuna poke bowl.

“Our all-day menu has delicious options that will satisfy your palate and keep you going,” said Crema co-founder Makis Paliouras.