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Allura Cabaret
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Sweet Sensations & Good Vibrations

Live, Miami

At Allura, Faena Theater’s latest cabaret, New York siren Rocky Lanes and Cuban guitarist Alberto Torres showcase an effervescent musical chemistry that is raw, authentic and utterly irresistible.


“We speak different languages, but we communicate deeply through music,” said Torres. This connection allows the duo to continuously improvise on stage, delivering performances that are alive with passion, power, and soul.“We create new renditions on the spot every night, which keeps it fresh for us and the audience.”

Each artist brings their individual flair to a musical score that incorporates Torres’ Latin funkadelic tones with Lanes’ dominance of styles from Elvis to ABBA to Michael Jackson.  

“The vibe of the audience plays a role in our improvisation,” said Lanes. “We love when they bring the energy. It shows they’re enjoying themselves and it challenges me to hold my notes higher and longer.”

Lanes doesn’t want guests to come in, sit down, and just watch a bunch of talented people perform. She encourages the crowd to move with the music—to sing, to shout, to dance, to let loose.

“We want to give people an experience. If people are feeling good, we’ve done our job.”

As the show’s master of ceremonies, Lanes takes viewers n a psychedelic ride through an alternate galaxy where “physics doesn’t apply.” Cirque cabaret acts defy gravity with a mind-bending display of flexibility, strength, beauty and special effects. Dancers spin from bellhop carts; contort themselves in unimaginable shapes in an aerial net; and heat up the intimate red-velvet theater with an unforgettable choreography. 

“Alberto and I are inviting the audience onto our party bus that travels to different dimensions,” said Lanes, “with killer music playing on the radio.”