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Tech-forward Wellness

Miami, Wellness

Tierra Santa Healing House blends sophisticated treatments and smart technology in the purest and simplest of settings.


“We are consistently evolving our treatments to ensure we are offering our guests cutting-edge technology that upgrades their wellbeing,” said Spa Director Agustina Caminos.

This spring, Tierra Santa Healing House will debut a new cold plunge pool. “Cold water therapy is great for reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, enhancing mood, and improving circulation,” she said. Caminos also plans to inaugurate a new hyperbaric chamber, which delivers pure oxygen in a pressurized enclosed space. Oxygen therapy is reported to help the body’s immune system fight off bacteria and heal injured tissues more quickly.

When it comes to skincare, Tierra Santa Healing House has a range of advanced facials using Biologique Recherche’s state-of-the-art Remodeling Face® machine. Designed to plump facial volume, the Triple Lift Advanced Facial combines two age-defying boosters with three electrotherapy currents to stimulate circulation, restore elasticity, and re-sculpt the facial structure.

“By combining innovative technology with ancient healing practices, we focus on every layer of a person’s wellbeing, not only their body and mind, but also their spirit,” explained Caminos.


Vitamin infusion is a healthy way to strengthen immune function, speed recovery from infection, and enhance physical performance. “IV drips are also one of the quickest ways to restore hydration and boost the body’s energy levels,” said Caminos. Tierra Santa Healing House offers a range of infusion treatments from Taja Drip.

The Jet Setter IV drip combines magnesium, Vitamin C, B complex, Vitamin B, and glutathione to help reset the body’s clock when crossing time zones. For a powerful brain boost, there’s Bad Nad+, an hour-long IV treatment of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a coenzyme that helps cells repair damaged DNA and maintain healthy sleep cycles. Additionally, there’s a list of booster shots available, from a megadose of amino acids to alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant that helps the body break down carbohydrates and create energy.