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Allura Cabaret
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The Allure of Rocky Lanes' Musical Multiverse

Live, Miami

If you’re looking for a great party in Miami, singer Rocky Lanes is emceeing the best one in town.


Allura is different from any show we’ve ever done,” says Shane Borth, the music director of Quixotic, an innovative performance art collective. “It focuses heavily on music, technology and every style of dance you can imagine. It’s still very much a cabaret, but very sexy, very modern and very shiny. There’s a lot of disco, funk and 80s vibes.” The throughline for the show’s score is an expression of Rocky’s powerhouse voice. “I have a huge range,” says Lanes. “I’m a high soprano to a tenor, so I take it very high to very low.”

Borth paired Lanes and Torres because he knew their energy together would be palpable. “They’re an amazing duo, the two are really going to bring amazing life to the show,” he said. Ten live tracks run the gambit from Elvis and Abbato Grimes and Janelle Monae. It’s the first time a show from Quixotic or Faena Theater will feature a lead guitar act. “Their duets will be a lot of fun, mashing up music and medleys like a Fugees song with guitar licks from The Jackson 5,” he said. The audience should also expect a lot of interaction and musical improvisation, which keeps performances fresh and entertaining. “The show is going to move people because good music hits the soul,” said Lanes.

“It brings together all ages and races. It doesn’t matter if it’s blues, Latin, rock and roll—if it’s good music it will touch everybody".

Quixotic is known for its peerless ability to blend performance art, technology, original music and cirque cabaret acts into an immersive experience that takes viewers on a journey to the boundaries of reality. Lasers, lighting fixtures, hypnotic projections and special effects create an entirely novel ambience with a nouveau look. “We use a lot of new props,” said Borth.“Since we wanted to do something unlike anything we’ve done before, we created a custom aerial apparatus that is very supple and flowy and will feature a performance from two of our principal dancers,”Borth explained. They’ve also introduced a new aerial pole, and a vignette from Duo Fusion, a mind-bending contortionist act from a husband-and-wife duo. Disco-inspired costumes will throw light across the crowdlike a party at Studio 54. “I’m well-known for my platform boots,” stated Lanes. “They’re going to shine like a disco ball.

“When you walk into my party, you leave your problems at the door,” said Lanes. “You’re here to feel like you’re living your best life.