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The Faena Prize Comes to Miami

Arts, Miami

The prestigious Faena Prize for the Arts is expanding from Buenos Aires to Miami this yearthanks to funds raised at Faena Art’s inaugural gala held at the Faena Forum last October.

Faena Art will announce an open call in March inviting international artists from different fields and disciplines to present sitespecific installations, performances, paintings, sculptures, photographs and experimental works that explore the infinite links among art, technology and design. All submissions are rigorously reviewed by a nominating committee and a jury. 

The winning proposal, which will be announced during Faena Art’s annual gala in the fall, will receive a monetary prize with funds awarded directly to the artist and an allocated amount dedicated to the production of the exhibition on Faena Beach as part of Faena Art’s Miami Art Week programming. Past prize winners include artists Martín Sastre, Roger Hiorns and Cayetano Ferrer. 

“We always seek to support the most innovative and contemporary in artistic creation and aim to help promote artists’ work to a global audience

-- Alan Faena

 “The Faena Prize is a great opportunity for artists to take risks and push the boundaries of their practice.” 

It is considered one of the most prestigious prizes in Latin America because of its substantial funding and the prominence of the jury behind the selection process, but also because of the monumental space in which the works are exhibited—the Faena Art Center in Buenos Aires. Bringing the prize to the Faena District in Miami expands artist visibility from a major hub in Latin America to a U.S. city with an international stage. 

“Miami has grown so much in the past 10 years and is no longer seen in comparison to New York or Los Angeles, but as a city standing on its own within the art world and other fields including tech, culinary and hospitality,” said Nicole Comotti, Executive Director of Faena Art.