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Nightlife curator Chez Monique Johnson
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The Magic Touch

Dine, Lifestyle, Miami

Miami’s sexiest nightlife curator Chez Monique Johnson is responsible for creating the feel-good energy that makes Faena’s Living Room the most sought-after gathering spot in the city.



“For me, the Living Room is a magical wonderland where people can let their hair down, dance, chill, eat, drink and meet interesting people,” Johnson says.

“My goal is to consistently set a tone that allows people to enjoy themselves in an intimate atmosphere where they don’t have to worry about anything.” “The Living Room is in a category of its own,” explains Johnson. “It’s a work of art: from entering through the curtains, to the chandeliers to the leopard sculptures to the music.” Johnson used to be a regular at the lounge before she assumed charge of the door. “As an entrepreneur, I love that you can hold a business meeting here by day and slip into something fancy and enjoy live entertainment, craft cocktails and beautifully plated small bites by night.” Saying “no” is Johnson’s greatest challenge. “Nine out of 10 times it’s a capacity issue,” she explains.

“It’s our guests who create the cool vibe the Living Room is best known for. My job is to make sure the energy is right and the crowd is eclectic.” 

Featured Cocktail 

Summer Sipper 

Sun rays massaging your shoulders, a warm breeze rolling off the sea, silky sand cradling your feet. This is a scene that begs for a Smoky Paloma. 

The popular Mexican cocktail hails from Guadalajara (a city famous for its tequila), but has become quite well-traveled gracing the menus of hip bars and urbane garden parties alike with its manifold iterations. Faena’s take on the citrusy libation features freshly-muddled grapefruit and lime, but swaps traditionally used tequila for Ilegal Mezcal Joven imported from Oaxaca to give it a full-bodied agave flavor with subtle smoke and lingering heat. A dash of Martini Fiero vermouth adds a hint of bittersweet orange, while a rim of Tajín seasoning provides a piquant kick. 

Article from Faena Journal Issue #48