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Living Room - Witching Hour
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The Witching Hour

Dine, Lifestyle, Miami

Gather your coven in the Living Room for a haunted Halloween celebration at a time when the powers of the witch are at their most potent.


Throw on a hooded cape, pack your scepter and prepare for an evening of supernatural pleasures where crystal balls reveal metaphysical mysteries and the unseen becomes seen. Tipple an intoxicating mix of specially crafted brews, tonics, and potions to ward off shadow energies, while dancing to a live band whose music will surely rouse the spirits. As in years past, you may stumble upon a clairvoyant tarot card reader during the festivities, who will reveal all that stands between you and the unknown.


Elixir Gin & Tonic

Fun Fact: Gin and tonic was originally a medicinal tincture used by 19th-century British soldiers stationed in India to get their daily dose of quinine (an active ingredient in tonic) to prevent malaria. To make the drink more palatable soldiers began adding sugar and lime, and thus, one of the world’s most popular cocktails was born.

Faena serves up a killer Elixir Gin & Tonic with Monkey 47, a top-shelf handcrafted gin distilled in Germany’s Black Forest using traditional methods and garnishes from the garden.

“The Monkey 47 Gin and Tonic is a duo greater than the sum of its parts,” said Living Room bartender Joseph Restani.

“Thanks to their chemical makeup, one’s nose, mouth, and brain are delighted by the bright, botanical experience."