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Spa treatment with lavender

Massage Therapy & Bodywork

Tierra Santa Healing House Healing

Our immersive experience offers an introduction to South American healing culture and massage art. Time-honored healing rituals are combined with magical ingredients ethically sourced from the South. Each treatment is an opportunity to transform your life and improve your health through the therapeutic power of touch, sound, color, taste and scent.

Tierra Santa Deep Tissue

A deep tissue, energy-balancing massage using warm essential oils to ease aches and pain. Applied by our therapists with deep pressure to specific trigger points, unblocking stagnant energy. Highly recommended for men and athletes.

60 MIN. USD 250
90 MIN. USD 370

Tierra Santa Masaje de Coco

This deeply nourishing and relaxing massage uses virgin coconut oil, revered as the ‘Oil of Life’ in South America for its curative and regenerating properties. During treatment, specific areas of tension are soothed away with the application of warm shaved-coconut compresses. Ideal for expecting mothers.

60 MIN. USD 250
90 MIN. USD 370

Masaje con Flor Blanca

Incorporating orange blossom essential oil, a tonic used for hundreds of years to induce bliss, calm the nerves and increase blood flow, this massage is applied with smooth volcanic lava rocks that have been heated to penetrate the oil deep into the body. It is a perfect accompaniment to any detox therapy that helps release muscle tension and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

90 MIN. USD 370

Verbena Detox

A customized healing ritual that includes dry brush and verbena exfoliation to remove toxins physically and energetically due to the superior benefits of the plant. It is followed by the application of a detoxifying seaweed body wrap and scalp massage. Organic ingredients are used to protect, cleanse and nourish the skin. After the mask is removed with heated aromatic towels, a replenishing massage acts as a powerful de-stressing agent with the uplifting effects of verbena balm and essential oils from our Sacred Collection.

90 MIN. USD 420

Sacred Warrior

This nature inspired therapy treatment draws upon ancient healing traditions combining Pranic Healing to harmonize, balance and transform the body's energy processes to help restore physical, mental and emotional health with a simultaneous Masaje de Coco that is deeply nourishing and relaxing massage that uses virgin coconut oil.

90 MIN. USD 370

Body Remodeling

A hydrating and dermo-protective slimming massage to firm and tone loose tissues, eliminate dead skin cells and sculpt the body. Ideal after a weight management program.

90 MIN. USD 470

Foot Massage

A Tierra Santa Foot Massage helps relieve stress while stimulating the body’s natural reflexes and improving organ and glandular function. Mint essential oil and verbena balm aid circulation and refresh the feet. Our Foot Massage is an ideal add-on to any of our massage or body treatments.

15 MIN. USD 60

Chaise Lounges at Faena Beach

Guests booking treatments of 60 minutes or longer receive access to one chaise lounge chair at Faena Beach per Tierra Santa Healing House guest, based on availability.

For 60 minute treatments, guest are charged a $50 fee and 90 minutes a $10 fee,  paid for at Faena Beach. This offer is available now - August 31, 2023.

Spa Pricing

All prices are subject to sales tax and an automatic 20% service charge. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Massage Establishment License Number MM34503

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