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Spa treatment with aloe vera

The Wet Spa

Tierra Santa Healing House Healing

Our approach to healing is very simple. We use an exclusive hand-blended, plant-based range of Tierra Santa muds, scrubs and essential oils inspired by generations of shamanic wisdom in South America. These homeopathic ingredients are activated by heat and steam, resulting in profound physical, mental and spiritual purification and restoration.

The Wet Spa at Tierra Santa

For an invigorating pre-treatment experience, guests are invited to enjoy the Wet Spa one hour prior to their treatment. Guests can add our unique Bathing Ritual, at an additional cost, with ingredients of our own organic hand-crafted range of muds, scrubs and oils activated by heat and steam, resulting in the ultimate cleansing and restoration of mind, body and spirit.

1. Staging Area

After a warm welcome, we will prepare you for the spa journey. Hang your robe, collect a peshtamal towel and slice slivers of handmade soap into a copper bowl. Settle your mind with deep cleansing breaths and you’re ready to begin.

Here, if added, you will receive your choice of muds, scrubs, butters and oils available at reception. Choose from one of each category to create your own Tierra Santa experience with these unique South American healing ingredients:

Purifying Scrubs:
Choice of verbena, aloe vera or mimosa scrub

Healing Clays:
Choice of calendula and bentonite clay or an aloe vera calming mask

Nourishing Oils and Butters:
Choice of sandalwood, lavender, eucalyptus oil, or verbena butter.

2. Waterfall

Every guest’s journey starts and ends in the Waterfall, a shower that prepares the body for heat therapy, and provide final cooling and cleansing before departure.

3. Hammam

A time-honored cleansing ritual featuring a heated hexagonal gobek tasi made of Amazonite stone where scrub treatments are performed by intuitive therapists. Destress while inhaling jasmine-infused steam and relax as the stone’s warmth soothes sore muscles and joints, easing all tension.

4. Herbal Steam Room

The hottest room in the facility supports advanced detoxification and cleansing. The calming aroma of eucalyptus is released to purify the respiratory system, deeply cleansing the nasal passages and lungs to promote ultimate relaxation.

5. Wet Scrub

This space offers specialized hydrotherapy treatments and traditional body scrubs featuring state-of-the-art technology.

6. Sauna

An age-old Scandinavian heat therapy with revitalizing wild orange essential oil. Multi-tiered, beautifully-curved seating is handcrafted from African Obeche and the walls are made from Canadian Hemlock, enveloping you in comforting warmth.

7. Ice Parlor

The marble two-seat Ice Parlor cools the body using a combination of ice and air. The interplay of hot and cold on the skin widens the arteries and stimulates blood flow and the metabolic system, which helps strengthen the immune system.

8. Tepidarium

Recline on heated stone beds heated to body temperature comforts and relaxes as you lie back and sip on our refreshing Tierra Santa rose bud tea.

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