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Preventative Medicine at the Spa

Preventative Medicine & Holistic Therapies

Tierra Santa Healing House Wellness

A team of experienced doctors and health practitioners will guide you through life-changing programs geared towards achieving ultimate health. These programs are offered by referral to Dr. Juan Rivera and Dr. Matthew Cooper.

Executive Preventative Medical Program

Guests looking to enhance their lives will have access to a comprehensive program that includes:

- Advanced blood work (internal medicine, cancer and cardiovascular)
- Stress test
- Echocardiogram
- Screening for carotid plaque (determine risk of stroke)
- Heart scan (determine risk of heart attack)
- Abdominal aorta aneurysm screening
- Endothelial function testing
- Fatty liver screening
- Same day results for studies
- Follow up phone consultation for lab results
- Comprehensive physical examination
- Massage therapy program
- VIP transportation

Full Concierge Service

For Miami Residents this comprehensive program is based on a yearly membership that gives you complete access to Dr. Juan Rivera.

- Internal medicine and cardiology
services (emphasis on prevention)
- 24/7 access to physician by phone, text or email
- Zero office waiting time
- Unlimited yearly visits
- Yearly comprehensive physical examination (advanced labs, echocardiogram, stress testing,
studies to look at occult arterial plaque, circulation studies, screening for arterial aneurysm, EKG, endothelial function testing, fatty liver screening, complete physical examination)
- Coordination of visits with top Miami specialists
- VIP transportation
- Massage therapy program

Dr. Enzyme Program

This program targets the health of our digestive system, which has a direct effect on energy levels, sleep patterns, weight management and overall wellbeing.

- Advanced blood work
- 24-hour urine analysis
- Personalized supplement plan
- Personalized fitness program
- Nutritional consultations
- Massage therapy program

Complete Detox

Experience an intense detoxification program led by Dr. Enzyme and our team of nutritionists.

- Personalized detox menu
- Personalized supplement plan
- Gentle movement program
- Lymphatic drainage
- Craniosacral therapy
- Chiropractor therapy
- Physical therapy
- Rehabilitation and sports injury
- Nutrition and diet consultation
- Acupuncture
- Cupping and moxa therapy
- Reiki

Chaise Lounges at Faena Beach

Guests booking treatments of 80 minutes or longer receive access to one chaise lounge chair at Faena Beach per Tierra Santa Healing House guest, based on availability.

Spa Pricing

Prices vary and are exclusive of tax and gratuity charges. Please contact the Front Desk at Tierra Santa Healing House for more information.

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