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Miami Art Week Happenings 2021

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On the heels of its 10-year anniversary and a successful fundraising gala this past October, Faena Art fortifies its mission of commissioning, producing and housing cross-disciplinary artistic experiences that are accessible to all.

Article from Faena Journal Issue #46 • DECEMBER 2021                       

During Miami Art Week in December, the nonprofit is collaborating with international artists to host an immersive site-specific art installation on Faena Beach and will inaugurate its first dedicated physical space in Miami.

Founded a decade ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Faena Art provides artists with a platform to express themselves and a space for the public to access and interact with their ideas on both a local and international level. By focusing on ephemeral cross-disciplinary experiences, Faena Art isn’t tied down to one type of medium or style of artwork—it’s not just about a conventional painting on a wall, but rather the inclusivity of immersive installations and performances that seek to entice viewers to reexamine how they think about art. These types of projects tend to be forward-thinking and that is extremely important to Faena Art’s mission—to contribute to future ideas by creating a platform for cutting-edge and experiential work. 

Faena Art’s main featured artist this year, Pilar Zeta, has been commissioned to create a site-specific installation on Faena Beach for Miami Art Week. The immersive installation will reference the history of Art Deco in Miami and serve as a portal to the present moment as each person walks through the installation. The Argentine artist will also be creating a sculpture for the Cathedral at Faena Hotel Miami Beach and is releasing NFTs (non-fungible tokens) related to her work through a collaboration with Faena Art's the new digital partner Aorist. 

At the start of the pandemic, many local artists lost access to their studio spaces due to lack of funding. Faena Art responded by opening the Faena Forum to an array of multidisciplinary artists ranging from photographers, sculptors, and producers at a time when the Forum was closed to public events due to Covid-19 restrictions. Seeing how much this first round of residencies helped the local artistic community, Faena Art decided to inaugurate its first-ever dedicated space in Miami called the Project Room to continue supporting artists in a significant way. To launch the new space, Faena Art has partnered with the new NFT platform Aorist and will feature Barcelona-based artist Andrés Reisinger. Reisinger creates at the intersection of art, design, and direction—his work bridges the imagined and the tangible, resonating with the experimental nature of the Project Room. His work will also be "tokenised" as an NFT, which, underscoring Faena Art’s mission, explores new boundaries in art, as well as the intersection of the physical and metaverse. The aim of the Project Room is to encourage artists to explore new facets of their practice, fostering new models for social interaction that transcend the traditional boundaries of art, science, philosophy, and social practice. Each residency will culminate with an exhibition that’s free and open to the public. 

Each of Faena Art’s collaborations seek to merge art, design and technology in a way that pushes boundaries and welcomes the community to experience and enjoy them.