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Meditation Journey Concert

Experiential, Wellness

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7 | 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM 

Join us on February 7 for an intimate and immersive meditative concert with music producer and percussionist, Jonathan Marcoschamer. 

Guests will enjoy meditation, dance and live music sets as Jonathan loops sounds and creates beats with both acoustic and electronic instruments featuring the handpan, djembe and synth sounds. Every live set intends to weave uptempo grooves with calm, ethereal ambient sounds while introducing melodies, base lines, vocals and other elements influenced by West African drumming, Funk, Disco, Latin Jazz, Indian and Middle Eastern music. 

Reservations & More Information

  • Priced at $55 per person. 
  • Pre-registration required.  
  • For more information email, [email protected] or call + 786 655 5570 

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