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25 Verde, the World's Most Beautiful and Charming Building?


In the middle of Turin is a residential building disguised as a forest.

This place does exist, and it’s in Italy. It is one of the few quasi-utopian initiatives that have become a reality because the majority remain models or, if they do get built, do not often resemble the rendering. 25 Verde was designed by the architect Luciano Pia and is a five-story building disguised as the freshest of forests.

The building occupies an entire corner in Turin, fortunately for the inhabitants, who see the city’s homogeneous landscape interrupted and illuminated by hundreds of plants and trees. But it is not only its beauty that makes 25 Verde; its structure generates a transition between the exterior and the interior: it has 150 trees absorbing around 200,000 liters of carbon dioxide per hour. This of course protects the residents from pollution, but also from the noise of the streets. And the seasonal progression of the trees, which were carefully selected to create a perfect microclimate and drop the temperature a few degrees, block out the sun’s rays during the summer while letting the warm light of winter in.

There are 66 residential units across the five floors, each one with terraces and vegetation right outside their windows and walls. It’s like a child’s dream; beautiful and improbable. A tree house conceived in the best possible way it could exist in a city.

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