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Amy Judd painting of a kneeling women in a headdress

3 tips for tapping into intuition

Evolve, Inspire

There is far lower probability of making an incorrect decision if one can listen to that small voice that always speaks the truth.

Intuition (the verb comes from the Latin intueri: “to look inward” or “to contemplate”) could be described as a discreet but steady, strong voice which speaks the truth. Intuition involves an exercise in valor because to intuit without acting upon it can result in a form of betrayal. But that valor has enormous practical benefit too. There is far lower probability of making an incorrect decision.

Still, it’s important to differentiate between an intuition, a fearful thought and a desire. Reliable intuition transmits neutral information, devoid of emotion. This can perhaps be compared to seeing a movie and understanding the story only from a detached distance. Fears and desires are manipulations toward making decisions that benefit or protect us in the short term. Following are some techniques for clearing your mental climate and for giving space to that little voice that guides us.

Mute Your Mind

Change your focus to your breath (mindfulness). Most of us over-identify with our thoughts and then react to them. Just by watching them pass without identifying them with your emotions is enough that the voice can take strength and we can hear it.

Pay Attention to Signals from Your Body

The body provides powerful information about health, decisions and other people. At a very basic level, when you feel tired, it’s best to rest; when you’re sad, mourn; if you’re stressed, stop and do something that brings pleasure or lightness. It’s also instructive to note what people give us energy and what people take it away. Using that information to set a healthy pace for life is crucial.

Remember Your Dreams (or Try To)

Of course, dreams also provide information about the problems in our lives – and possible solutions that aren’t always obvious to the rational process. Dreams should be recalled, and examined every day, and any truths discovered will stand out even more.


Painting by Amy Judd

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