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A Country House Designed to Be Reclaimed by Nature


Green Box is a dream both for us and for the lianas and vines that climb and protect it, a living design that seems to be a gift to nature.

The project Green Box, by Italian architecture firm act_romegialli, is the sweetest dream that any shed can aspire to. It is, in fact, the renovation of a small garage in the high Alps that belongs to a country house, adapted so that nature will always want to be on it. It is as if something in the structure made the branches and the vines embrace it and protect it from the weather –– from a certain angle, the only sign of human intervention is a chimney cube that emerges from the flowers.


The small house is surrounded by a galvanised metal structure that supports the creeping vegetation. All the plants that were selected allow light to enter and are in constant blooming, while they hide the cottage as if it was an elf’s secret lodging. On the roof, a base of honeysuckle and grapevine support the growth of humulus lupus and clematis (from the family of lianas and wild flowers). From the basement perennials such as geraniums, valerian and some varieties of annual plants emerge.


On the inside, the materials are left raw and simple —galvanised metal in the kitchen, wooden floors, and large sliding doors. Green Box is a simple green refugee planned so that it will always be devoured by nature, so that nature will find it irresistible enough to throw itself on it. It is, in short, a secret hideout model for the architecture of the future, seeking synchronicity and modesty.



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