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A Millenary Remedy for Headaches, Courtesy of Qi Gong


The Chinese practice uses certain practices of the mind, breathing, and physical exercise that restore equilibrium and make pain leave the body.

For the Chinese Technique Qi Gong, pain is the product of certain alterations and imbalances in the body’s energetic dynamic. Taking this into account, through breathing and corporal movements, certain instabilities that produce pain can be restored.

“Qi Gong” means literally to work with respiration. This discipline promotes three harmonization processes: regulating the body, the mind, and breathing in order to attain the three treasures: San Bao (the essence), Jing (breath) and Shen (the spirit).

The following exercise is a practical recommendation of Qi Gong for head, neck and backaches:

Parting from the idea that pain is blocked energy, the Qi Gong method rehabilitates it. As energy begins to flow the pain disappears because in a state of stagnancy it becomes problematic. There are several parts of the body which are energy triggers, for example, when you massage your hand, in the vortex where the thumb begins, circular movements help to dissipate head, back and neck pain. Pressing, circling and massaging at the same time as we take deep breaths will eliminate the pain.

The latter exercise launches endorphins throughout the body which helps clear the pain. We must not forget that within this millenary tradition, the constant flow of energy represents the key to a healthy body and mind.

Thumb massaging area between thumb and forefinger.


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