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Photosynthesis of Moss

A Radio That Operates Though the Photosynthesis of Moss


Moss FM is the first radio powered on plant energy.

Along the history of human inventions—that archive that houses a countless variety of creations, sometimes charming widgets sprout, which, even if they won’t alter the course of humanity, they are destined to trigger our inspiration, or at least arouse a great deal of sympathy.

Moss is a bona fide inhabitant of the forest. Spongy, discreet and sometimes omnipresent, it clings to almost every surface, and after establishing itself, embellishes them. Moss’s aesthetic qualities, along with its anatomical and functional peculiarities such as the fact that it lacks roots, is able to feed itself, and is one of the oldest residents on the planet along with ferns, has helped it secure a place in the hearts of many people.

And as much as moss is featured in poems, artwork and books, it holds a potential that had not been creatively explored until now: the ability to generate enough energy to power a radio.

Moss FM is a project by Swiss designer Fabienne Felder, who along with her team pioneered a way to harness the energy released by moss and use it to operate a radio. ––This is done by using photo-MFCs (microbial fuel cells), which gather the electrons released by moss during photosynthesis, and with the aid of batteries convert them into an electric current. The plants end up becoming a sort of “biological solar panels.” Listening to nature acquires a whole new, minute and greener meaning, which is even fertile for the imagination.

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