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A Recipient for Drinking All the Phases of the Moon


Each drink from the Moon Glass is as if we were drinking part of the moon and it ebbs until it disappears.

We often long for the presence of the moon because it is there all the time. Perhaps only when the moon is full do we remember how much it exercises a constant (although only apparent) change over us. However, the East appears to have an implicit pact between artists and designers to remind humans that the moon is the most aesthetic and profound of the cosmic phenomena. A fabulous example of this is the Moon Glass, a ceramic cup that is made for drinking the phases of the moon.

The design is the work of TALE Design, a group of designers from South Korea that has won numerous awards for its products relating to nature. The Moon Glass is made so that as the liquid inside is running out the moon appears to ebb and disappear. The cup was dreamed up to hold Makgeolli or Nigori sake, both of which are alcoholic beverages made from rice whose cloudy color is ideal for highlighting the black color of the glass.


There is no doubt that there is a delicate attraction between the moon and alcohol. Whether it be due to the color and the brightness that they both reflect, for their “spirit” that enters directly into our intimacy or due to the obvious potency of the moon over effluent liquid, the combination between the two is organic and almost sensual. Like the moon, the black glass fills completely and then gradually empties.

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