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Geometric figure 8 in pastel colors

A Rest for the Senses in a Video of Minimalist Geometries


Sometimes, less is more. A short video invites viewers to rest their minds and enjoy, for just a few moments, the simplest shapes and colors.

Geometry, and the mathematical quality of its aesthetic, is one of the ways we make sense of the world. It’s no coincidence that the observation of either a Gothic rose window or a Tibetan mandala implicitly involve some form of meditation. It’s nothing less than sacred geometry. The aesthetics of geometric figures find, in contemporary animation, one of their most inspiring and surprising expressions, as this short video —a visual and auditory respite— will show.

Inspired by the graphic designer Tilman Zitzmann’s blog, Geometry Daily, a German animator, Herman M. Lederer, made this short audiovisual work, titled simply Geometry. Set to music by Joe Baker, the video, covers the brief span of two minutes, relaxes the mind, and invites viewers to enjoy the sheer beauty of the uncomplicated.

The piece’s minimalism and absolute simplicity work because the mathematics of the forms and their movements bear something predictable, a language understood by the brain at a not quite rational level. Thus, Lederer’s video hypnotizes through formal movement and evolution, and then always changing with the rhythm of the music.

Amongst triangles, patterns, circles, and animated squares, and set onto a background of drafting paper, Geometry celebrates both simplicity and movement, the geometry implicit in every silhouette we know. A short visual, auditory recreation, it deserves a few minutes amidst a world of noise and complexity.

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