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a lake before a forest

Akos Major: A Static Bidding To Solitary Contemplation


The peaceful instants captured by this Hungarian photographer are minimal abstractions of beautiful solitudes.

Encapsulated within time and nostalgia lie Akos Major’s (Hungary, 1974) inhabited landscapes. His photographic process is slow and rhythmic ––long exposures, sometimes for the span of more than an hour, very early in the morning. His final images are like prisons in which light and fragmented moments of time are captured from the quotidian chain of our daily lives, a sort of spell in which beauty is stolen away from life and presented alone before your eyes.

The aquatic landscapes captured around Balaton (the lake known as the Sea of Hungary) feature incomparable elegance: metallic-looking frozen landscapes with slight tonal shifts along the horizon portraying peaceful and beautiful dialogues between natural elements.

Though it may be hard to find a solitary place where there is nobody for miles around, the work of Akos reminds us of the possibility of the silence and subtlety that such a space would bring us.

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