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An Illusionist Time-lapse of a Bioluminescent Forest


This short video shows us the enchanted innards of a beautiful forest.

Of all the video-mapping videos floating on the Internet, this is perhaps the most poetic. By creating bewitching luminescent plants and energy currents visible in a forest, “Bioluminescent Forest” accentuates the natural beauty of every element of the forest and reveals its magic system.

We already know that plants have their own method of electric communication similar to our Internet, through which they communicate and supply oxygen. This system is made visible in “Bioluminescent Forest,” which makes it clear that every minimal or diminutive thing that forms part of a forest communicates with all the rest of the ecosystem, and that there is much more enchantment than our eyes can see.

Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad, the artists behind the video, projected lights onto the plants and animals that we see in the video. We also suggest you watch the “behind the scenes” to understand how each light is so precise in the folds of the forest, creating an ‘acupunctured’ veil.


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