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Artist Makes A Sculpture Of David Bowie's Original Teeth


Many people miss Bowie’s crooked and extravagant teeth from his earliest albums. And now they’re back, in acrylic.

Some people prefer David Bowie’s original teeth, and which he had until the 1980s ––those crooked and iconic teeth that only added to his eccentricity. And now German artist Jessine Hein has decided to honor them by recreating one by one in acrylic, plaster, and paint.

According to this bizarre video on the history of Bowie’s teeth, the musician had his teeth remodeled at the beginning of the 1980s before launching his album Let’s Dance, which had a more polished tone, in line with his new denture. Some of the work he had done was whitening, straightening and cleaning of the gums. Hein hit the nail on the head. Since she published images of her creation on Facebook, thousands of fans have erupted in nostalgic and enthusiastic reminiscences of his old teeth that so characterized The Thin White Duke.

As Tara McGinley wrote in an article, “once he got his teeth fixed, he started showing up on shows like Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee.”

Many of us preferred the crooked teeth of his epic past, but like his hairstyle or hair color, all of the cosmic aristocrat’s phases fall in their right place.

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