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gray cloudy sky

“Between the Raindrops” a Video about Ireland’s Emotional Skies

A startling time-lapse by Peter Cox.

Ireland’s bucolic landscapes and its relentless “emotional climate” are the main characters of this video. Visual artist Peter Cox seems to have captured Ireland’s anima as no one had done it through visual means.

Cox gives us a dramatic and lonely Ireland where passing clouds never cease to flow, different kinds of clouds, sometimes like ghosts journeying through its hills, sometimes like darkness that ignite the hues of the inexhaustible greens below.

According to Discover Magazine, the moon disappearing into the blue at the end of the video is a lunar eclipse. A poetic astronomical vision which is hard to forget after having experienced it. Between the Raindrops harmoniously overwhelms what Ireland represents in our shared imagination: a melancholy but not for that less fortunate montage that prompts us to point our compass in that direction.

Between the Raindrops from Peter Cox on Vimeo.

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