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Björk Presents: “6 Ted Talks That Are Music to My Ears”


In this fabulous playlist, Björk chose six conferences demonstrating the best ideas under way to improve the planet.

It’s an infallible playlist. All of those who have witnessed a good TED Talk know that there is much inspiration stored in that archive, but also know that it is easy to get lost in the maelstrom of conferences while trying to pick one. That is why TED playlists exist, and, in this case, Björk picked the six conferences that have most inspired her.

Without knowing what they are about or in which disciplines, all you need to do to hit ‘play’ is to have some affinity for or respect the criteria of the artist that chooses the conferences, in this case, Björk. It is enough to say that the Icelandic musician is one of the most innovative, naturalistic, and strangest artists in history, and that is perhaps enough to awaken interest in her playlist. But, furthermore, the six conferences are a taste of fresh air given the ecological, social, and economic situation of our world. We won’t go into the theme of each conference, but a brief summary will suffice to extend the invitation.

The first, entitled “My Mushroom Burial Suit,” is about the possibility of a wholly ecological and biodegradable burial, achieved using a suit made of mushrooms. The second, “Grow Your Own Clothes,” is about fashion experiments using kombucha and vegetal skin. The third, “Architecture that Repairs Itself” is about architecture that repairs itself by being made of living materials. The fourth, “Gaming for Understanding” is a fascinating initiative on how to educate using games; the fifth is “America’s Native Prisoners of War,” telling the story of the Native Americans and how we can reorient the consequences of the wars against them. The sixth, “A Virtual Choir 2,000 Voices Strong” is about a man who created a choir of thousands of voices via the Internet.

The TED playlists, which range from those by Björk to Bill Gates and Darryl Hannah, are a great option for spending an inspired moment and enter, hand-in-hand with brilliant people, into the kingdom of those who are changing the world with bright ideas.

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