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Trees painted with rainbow stripes.

‘Bosque Animado’ In Spain, A Living Piece That Mesmerizes


In 1984, an artist named Agustin Ibarrola arrived in a valley in the Oma Mountains and used his creations to infuse it with a different kind of life.

Perhaps one of the most elementary and sincere examples of Land Art is the Bosque Animado by Agustin Ibarrola, which the Spanish sculptor founded in 1984. Located in the Urdaibai Biosphere in Spain’s Oma Valley, this forest has been established as a world heritage site because of its unique way of hypnotizing the visitor with a fusion of nature and art.

Trees painted with white lines.

Amidst the thickness of the trees Ibarrola painted designs and created a segmented effect that presents the viewer with different images and experiences as they move around the open space. The most common motifs are eyes, rainbows and human figures, but geometrical shapes and abstract designs are also common. The simplicity of the strokes gives the piece a sincere and basic quality that sets it apart. The colours that the artist chose contrast with the natural and earthy tones that surround the pieces.

In a way, the life that Ibarrola impressed on the tree trunks does not interrupt the naturalness of the environment. To somehow put it in words: Ibarrola drives nature insane; speaking directly at us by hypnotising us a little.

Trees with eyes painted on them.

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