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Chaplin’s Films Online: An Incredible Archive Only a Click Away


Having Chaplin’s 82 films a click away in an enormous privilege.

Charlie Chaplin is one of the most representative figures of silent and comedic films of all times. His blatant and graceful criticism of his era and contemporary society is still more than relevant today.

Thus, it is gratifying to have a website where we can watch all of his filmography. In Metafilter one can find 82 films on offer: the short and the feature length in selected films organized as if they were on show during a festival. The “Charlie Chaplin Film Festival” includes films in which he acted, produced, directed and even wrote: The CureThe ImmigrantThe Adventurer, to Easy Street, among others.

The collection presents films that Chaplin created exclusively for the Mutual Film Corporation in which he personified socially marginalized characters: escaped convicts, immigrants, alcoholics, and a homeless turned cop, all portrayed with the unique Chaplin irony that can be appreciated by all sorts of audiences.

Chaplin’s films were some of the few to survive not only the switch from silent films to talkies, but to survive censorship, economic depression and, in general, the tormented 20th century. To go back to Chaplin’s films is to enjoy an immediate past, thriving and fascinating, all seen through some of the most original eyes of the so-called seventh art.

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